It’s been quite some time since I meditated the last time. Today I managed to do it again.

While I was reading outside (because I got so sick of watching useless stuff all day) this sudden motivation and joy have hit my mind resulting in the wish or more the…

I know this sounds cringy af and I suppose we heard that a hundred times already. However. I don’t want to think about some interdimensional, thought-provoking, and revolutionary title. What I want is just to write.

So here I am in my second paragraph, hoping that my words don’t empty…

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

We wear the crown of independence
but no one I know is without dependence
all I see is people being interdependent

but what does this peculiar word mean?
it means knowing ones worth, as well as
knowing the value of who stands beside you

if we are not sufficient to care for ourselves
we break the ongoing chain of interdependence
which means as you fall off the cliff so does she too

being self-reliant means to be able to make
not only the best decisions for oneself
but the best decisions for all selfs

It’s a difficult path we have to go
but it’s the only path that doesn’t
lead to the destruction of our planet

So how to be interdependent:
It’s quite simple, obnoxiously simple
there is even an old Chinese saying

Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you. — Confuzius

Sebastian Wieser

Young Designer looking for love and new shows on Netflix. I also like to write.

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